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Fairs 2020


Ladies, gentlemen and business partners,

We would like to invite you to the trade fairs in September 2020, where we will present our new shirting and costume collections for the season Autumn/Winter 2021/22. As is customary in our company, designers are going in full tilt to conjure up amazement on your cheeks. What can you look forward to? Different print structures where you won't believe they're really printed. New colors and combinations, but also new designs that are thoroughly compiled to suit each collection.

This year is exceptional, as the whole world has been affected by the Corona virus. We would like to ask you to try to understand the difficult situation and to behave respectfully not only to others, but also to yourself. We have only one health, so we ask you to comply with the conditions of the trade fairs.

Our company La Linea starts its stage in neighboring Germany, where one of the leading trade fairs is held, namely in Munich. 

Munich Fabrics Start - 1.9. – 3.9. 2020 - Hall and Stand TBA.

A week later we will move our stand to Italy, where one of the largest and most prestigious fashion fairs in the world takes place in Milan. 

Milano Unica – 7.9 – 9.9. 2020 - Hall and Stand TBA.

Do not despair, if you did not have the opportunity to visit our stand and touch our new collections, we will await you a week later in France, in a beautiful and historic city Paris, on which we will have a conjoint stand with another Czech textile company Mileta a.s.

Première Vision – 15.9. – 17.9. 2020 - Hall and Stand TBA.

We firmly believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for in our collections.

We look forward to your visit!