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Underwear from our cotton fabrics


Most of us don't make a big deal with regards to underwear as it isn't seen. But it's a part of our wardrobr that's just as important as any other. Comfortable underwear doesn't  necessarily mean old-fashioned. However, comfortable underwear does not necessarily mean that it will not be modern. It's possible to produce underwear from our printed fabrics, which is comfortable, and you feel stylish at the same time  thanks to quality material.

Styx is proof that beautiful and quality underwear can be made from our fabrics. Our company is engaged in traditional fabric printing and offers a wide variety of 100% cotton designs. Our most suitable underwear material is cotton satin, but there are also other fabrics such as Glorima, Mondial, Diana and Olympia that are elegant and quality. You won't want to take your underwear off even for sleeping.